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FrontLine Farming Stands With Palestine : Ceasefire Now

In the enduring struggle of Palestine, our commitment is unwavering. The parallels between settler colonialism in the United States and its role on the global stage are strikingly clear. We stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people, rooted in the shared experience of imperialism and dispossession. It's crucial to remember that the same European nations that perpetuated the Jewish genocide are responsible for much of the world's suffering due to colonialism. As land-based people and farmers in the US, particularly as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, we understand the significance of land and its connection to our own histories of displacement and struggle. Our advocacy for the Palestinian right to self-determination is intrinsically linked to our work in reclaiming and preserving our own ancestral lands. It's crucial to acknowledge that the media and international institutions are often influenced by the same imperial forces that have driven the displacement of countless peoples. In our work as farmers and land-based advocates, we are not just cultivating crops; we are nurturing the roots of resistance and solidarity, aiming to support the displaced and oppressed communities globally. Our commitment to justice, rooted in the struggles of our own communities, transcends borders, affirming the universal right to self-determination for all. As a person of Yemen, I've witnessed firsthand the devastating impact of conflict and global indifference on my homeland, where millions suffer without adequate care or attention. Despite the hardships faced by my own people, I've harbored unwavering support for Palestine for many years. Yemen, like Palestine, has been subjected to the ravages of conflict and displacement, highlighting the undeniable interconnectedness of global struggles. At Frontline, we're not swayed by the distractions of social media or superficial displays of activism. Instead, we engage in deep reflection about how to drive meaningful change on a global scale. We recognize that the battle for justice and self-determination requires more than just words; it demands collective and persistent action.

In that spirit, we have provided resources and links for action in support of Palestine. These resources encompass strategies for advocating for a cease-fire, participating in rallies, and taking direct action to bolster the Palestinian cause. It's our collective effort that will drive change and bring us closer to a more just world.

Fatuma Emmad

Co-Founder & Executive Director | Frontline Farming

Co-Conveening Partner | Project Protect Food System Workers

President | Mile High Farmers

Resources Provided by American Friends Service Committee

To get involved, AFSC holds a Weekly Action Hour for a Ceasefire Now

Registration link to future action hours is here every Friday at 12 p.m. ET / 9 a.m. PT

AFSC’s main page on Gaza/Israel is here, and their latest statement here.

This Action Hour is modeled on Jewish Voice For Peace’s daily power hours.

  • Welcome to this Action Hour

    • Background: AFSC has staff in Gaza, with an ongoing presence there since 1948. See their messages at the bottom of this page. More background here.

  • Action 1: Tell Congress to demand an immediate ceasefire

    • The ceasefire bill is House Resolution 786, introduced by Cori Bush. There is no parallel Senate resolution.

    • 66% of U.S. voters agree that the U.S. should leverage its relationship with Israel to reach a ceasefire and a de-escalation of violence in Gaza - see this poll.

    • Use these dialers by USCPR or JVP to call your congressional representatives now. There are suggested scripts on the next page of this document.

    • If the dialers don’t work, look up your Congressperson here and Senators here.

    • Call often, every day, both their DC office and their local office in your state.

    • If their mailbox is full, email them here.

  • Action 2: Write a letter to the editor

Scripts for calling Congress:

My name is [YOUR FIRST & LAST NAME], I'm a [CONSTITUENT / SUPPORTER] of [SENATOR/REPRESENTATIVE NAME], and I’m calling about Palestine and Israel.

For Representatives: The representative must publicly call for a ceasefire and pressure Israel to allow more humanitarian aid into Gaza. They should cosponsor the ceasefire resolution, House Resolution 786, introduced by Representatives Cori Bush and Rashida Tlaib.

For Senators: The senator must publicly call for a ceasefire and pressure Israel to allow more humanitarian aid into Gaza. They should introduce a Senate Resolution calling for a ceasefire, similar to House Resolution 786, introduced by Representatives Cori Bush and Rashida Tlaib.

I am passionate about this because…

  • I have family/friends in the region and…

  • I visited Palestine and witnessed firsthand how…

  • My faith compels me to…

While I am speaking as an individual…

  • I talked to my neighbors about this and we all agree that…

  • I’m a member of … and we all agree that…

  • Most U.S. voters agree that the U.S. should push for a ceasefire.

The success of our efforts for Palestinian right to self-determination rests on the collective action of each individual. We urge everyone to step forward and join us in calling for a ceasefire.


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