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(Community Supported Agriculture)

We are honored to provide fresh, local produce every year directly to neighbors and community.

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16 Weeks of Food

Our CSA runs for 16 weeks from July 4 through October 18. Meat shares are available every other week.


Delivery is available for an extra fee for Vegetables, Mushrooms, and Meats (flowers are pick up only.)

On-Farm Pick Up

We have 3 pick up options:

Tues 4-6pm @ Majestic View

Thurs 4-6pm @ Sister Gardens

Sat 10am-12pm @ Celebration


Customers paying with SNAP receive a 50% discount through the Double Up Food Bucks program.

CSA Share Options

Vegetable CSA


We are honored to offer the community fresh, local vegetables that are grown with love, in soil we steward with care. All vegetables are hand-tended by our farming staff and grown with organic and resilient methods. 

CSA Single Share Option ($420.50)

Our single share option contains enough vegetables for a family of 1-2 people (or a larger family with a few picky eaters) every week.

CSA Double Share Option ($715.20)

Our double share option contains enough vegetables for a family of 3-5 people (or 2 people with a high vegetable diet) every week.

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