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Food does much more than fuel our bodies. Food helps us express care, create culture, and connect. Food today might feed you, but the growing, producing, packaging, and distributing is killing us. Trying to ‘feed the world’  is accelerating the collapse of environmental, economic, and social structures. 

The current “solutions” aren’t working. The authors demonstrate that our lives depend on the relationships we make with and through food. By blending research, insights from diverse thinkers, and lived experience, food systems educator Nicole Civita and story justice activist Michelle Auerbach make sense of sustenance. They encourage us to focus on Feeding Each Other – not the world. They serve up: 

  • What you ought to know about food systems; 

  • The case for a much-needed cultural shift in the way we approach food; 

  • Unexpected instructions for living into the new paradigm; and 

  • Stories of those already savoring a delicious future.


This guidebook for shaping change in the food system will help us find security and pleasure in a well-nourished life.

Feeding Each Other by Nicole Civita & Michelle Auerbach

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