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2-Week Farm
Immersion Programs



During our immersion programs, FrontLine Farming will be joined by participants eager to learn land-based skills and farm knowledge to expand a growing community of food equity practitioners and advocates. We’re honored to have participants from across the country join us for a 2-week experience where they will have hands-on experience in an abundant space where food production and community thrive together. 

Immersion Skills

By the end of the program, participants will have gained knowledge and experience in the following areas: 

  • Designing a farm or garden

  • Water management 

  • Soil health and science

  • Tool safety and use

  • Crop planning

  • Foodways 

  • Composting 

  • Integrated Pest Management

  • Planting from seed

  • Transplanting 

  • Incorporating ceremony on the farm

  • Planning to harvest

  • Farm business models

  • BIPOC experiences in land access

  • Strategies for food autonomy

  • Hydroponics

  • Greenhouse production

  • Terraced growing

  • Planting in raised beds

  • Production farming

  • Engaging community members on the farm

  • Growing in Colorado conditions

  • USDA Produce Safety Training

​Daily, program begins at 8am. Knowing that we all operate best at different times of the day, we ask that participants do the work they need ahead of the program to make sure the early start is doable for them for the duration of the program. For lunch every day, a plant-based meal will be provided by our catering family. In reciprocity, we ask that you bring a dish and set of utensils to minimize the amount of waste on the farm. 


During the 2-weeks, we will visit our three farm sites and greenhouse that sit across the Denver Metro area. These three sites will give participants insight into diverse growing methods in urban farming and an understanding of the resilience and possibilities that come from operating in multiple locations. Each day, we will meet at one of FrontLine’s farm sites for our daily learning and practice.  Timely attendance is vital to the success of our days.

Who the Immersion Is For

This space is offered exclusively for Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC). This is an intentional space for BIPOC to find community, support, and healing. America's contract with capitalism has oppressed those with marginalized identities and has inflicted generations of pain and trauma. For the safety and protection of this group, this is not a space for white allies. This time together is to center and hold space to address and dismantle inequities, injustices and systemic racism. A space where folks can show up as their authentic selves and to be seen, heard and held. A space that honors our uniqueness but also our shared identities of color. If you do not identify as BIPOC, please do not apply. There will be other opportunities to support our community in the future. Please respect our request as we continue to do the work for justice, equality, diversity and inclusion.

2024 2-Week Farm Immersion

Before you apply, we ask you to read our detailed description [LINK] for more information about cost, learning goals, and more.

2024 Spring Immersion Dates

April 22, 2024 - May 3, 2024

Application Deadline

​March 20, 2024 or until program reaches capacity

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