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Media Accessibility Guide

Visual Media is an integral part of our society - always has been. Today, people all around the world use social media apps for business, sharing of information and knowledge, social justice work, connecting with friends and family, and the options are still growing. Although platforms such as Instagram and Facebook allow individuals far and wide to share content and engage in meaningful communication, their design is inaccessible for a variety of users. Individuals with various difficulties and impairments such as visual, cognitive and comprehension, and hearing difficulties as well as English Language Learners engagement with social media content is limited. However, integrating accessible IDs and alt-text bridges the accessibility gap and creates space for more equitable engagement.

FLF Media Accessibility Guide
Download PDF • 4.16MB

This report was written by passionate FrontLine Farming staff. We are not experts in accessibility and are still on a learning journey in our own understandings.

Published March 22, 2022

Authored by

JaSon Auguste

Kassandra Neiss

Kellsie Forfar-Jones


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