Volunteer Program

We believe that farms in urban centers do best when they are active and living parts of a community. All of our farmers are specifically skilled in volunteer management. It is important to include volunteers in planning and execution phases of community projects and we rely on the help in labor to increase our production. Working with volunteers must be mutually beneficial and foster a relationship that makes them feel valued and that they are gaining technical skills. It is also important for the farmer to work with volunteers to accomplish greater productivity on the farm. All of our farmers work directly with groups of young children, high school and university students, corporate groups, volunteer organizations, and countless individuals. 

Sample Farm Volunteer Assignments:
  • Beautifying the farm

  • Weeding beds and paths

  • Watering plants

  • Organizing tools/ shed

  • Digging beds

  • Working with compost 


Volunteer Benefits
  • Great way to get involved in community

  • Community Building

  • Create harder work ethic

  • Healthy work and eating knowledge

  • Sample and Taste Fresh food

  • Learn about growing and gardening high quality produce from our farmers

Family and Friends Volunteering

We have many volunteering and community service opportunities for individuals across the Denver Metro Area.

For opportunities at our three farms, click the buttons below. 

Group & Educational Volunteering

Our group volunteer program for employers, schools and local organizations facilitates bonding and trust-building between friends and colleagues. Spending time outside and in the dirt is a great way for you to aid the emotional well-being of your group. Activities like weeding, watering and harvesting can act as meditation, allowing our bodies and minds to rest and breathe. Your group will also learn about growing their own food which can inspire a healthier lifestyle. Educational programs can also be catered to various age groups and learning goals. 

To inquire about a group volunteer opportunity, email Kasey@FrontLineFarming.org.