90 days. The outstanding flavor of Ferris Wheel knocked us off our feet when Ryan Padgett of Radicle Roots Farm brought this large beefsteak to our 2017 Harvest Festival’s tomato tasting; it has been a favorite ever since. Large, pink, 1 lb fruits are lusciously juicy, sweet, and complex. This variety traces back to the homeplace of Erica’s grandparents (La Cross, Wisconsin) in 1894. Plants are vigorous and productive. Alas, as is common with old, heirloom beefsteaks, fruits may crack and don’t store well – all the better for fresh eating!  Fantastic in salads and on sandwiches. Rescued from oblivion by tomato aficionado and breeder, Craig LeHoullier. Listed on Slow Food’s Ark of Taste. Indeterminate. (aka Salzer’s Ferris Wheel)

Tomato: Ferris Wheel