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Our Restaurant Bouquet Package is designed for restaurants and cafes that want to brighten up tables with a pop of summer color. At Frontline Farming we have a  “Farm to table Flowers” program that focuses on getting our organically grown flowers inside your beautiful business. Our experienced farmers grow each flower with care and sustainable practices.  The flower industry employs many unsustainable practices and exports much of the work and pesticide exposure to other countries across the world. By purchasing with FrontLine, you know that you are supporting local farmers who embed flowers as pollinators and for joy and as a part of a larger ecosystem. Join us on a journey to reconnect with the soil and support a better food system.



Enjoy a 20 week program  of fresh organically grown  flowers delivered right to your business on a weekly basis. The bouquet bundles come with one large bouquet for your hostess/entry area and smaller bouquets with 3-5 stems for your tables. The price includes the costs of vases, delivery, and service fees of refreshing the vases weekly. Runs week of June 5 - October 16. Delivery day to be determined. 


Product Options
• 1 large bouquet (20-30 stems) and 5 table bouquets (3-5 stems) - $70 x 20 weeks

• 1 large bouquet (20-30 stems) and 10 table bouquets (3-5 stems) - $100 x 20 weeks

• Customized orders available: Order through the website and we'll reach out ASAP for details and further invoicing

Restaurant Bouquet Package

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