Released in 1888, this has been the go-to pickling cuke for generations of home gardeners and canners, and we are so pleased to offer it! The thin skins take up pickling solutions readily. Black-spined fruit can be allowed to reach 7 inches without sacrificing quality, but is often harvested much smaller. Even though it is a "pickling" type cucumber it is crisp, light and refreshing as a slicing cucumber with a sublime sweetness not found in other cucumbers.Pickling types are shorter, wider, bumpier, and have yellow streaks on the skin, but can be used fresh or for pickles … so they are more versatile than the “standard” type. Amazingly prolific, and disease resistant, too.


Maturity:  55 days
Size: 4-6”
Color: light green
Type: Pickling

Cucumber: Chicago Pickling