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  Knowledge Series  


This class would teach the introductory principles of beekeeping. The class could also be expanded into a series that would emphasize the environmental importance of bees, and how and why they create honey. The series could also continue to discuss the behavioral patterns of bees, and explore conservation methods the community can engage in.


We are partnered with local herbalists who lead in-person and virtual classes about the fundamentals of using herbs we grow on the farm as medicines. Classes discuss the ways in which we use herbs and how we can utilize these practices for daily life. Classes will support the community in learning how to make  tinctures, salves, balms, and syrups.

Coming Soon!
The following knowledge series are in the works, if one in particular sparks your curiosity please let us know at !
Backyard Chickens 101

Join join us in learning the 'ins and outs' of raising chickens. We will engage in an in depth conversation about the importance of animal husbandry and the effects of raising your own chickens and meet beautiful flock at Majestic View Farm!

Plant identification

In this class, participants would learn basics of plant parts to aid plant identification skills. The class could include a walking tour of some common plants to begin the identifying journey. If wanted for a series, each class could focus on a specific family of plants, according to the needs and wants of the community.


Cover cropping

For those more advanced community members who have a farm or plot of their own, this class would discuss and explain the method we use at the end of each season to rejuvenate the soil: cover cropping. At the end of the season, community members would have the opportunity to learn methods our farmers typically use, and alternative methods as well.


Compost/ organic fertilizers

In this class, we would educate the community on which organic fertilizers are effective, and how they work. The class will outline the steps we take to create compost, and how anyone can be involved in this process. For those interested, the instructor can also allow opportunities for community involvement creating our compost, too.


Weed/ pest management

Since we are an organic farm, we have an integrated weed management system. This class will not only explore the different ways and systems we control or remove weeds organically but, we will also explore weed identification via farm tours and walks. Some of the main topics of weed management discussed would include; why we line our beds and create pathways, mulching, weed mats, cover crops, crop rotation, limited tilling and digging and physical labor.

Canning days

This class would teach the essentials of canning. As the season ends, knowing how to can is abundantly important for the preservation of produce through the winter months. Farmers will show our methods of canning, as well as some fun new recipes for desired products.

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