Our Autumn Flower CSA works the same as our vegetable CSA. Just sign up to receive a weekly bouquet or pale of the highest quality sustainably-grown flowers.   The bouquets for each share can be picked up at the same time members Pick Up their shares or at market stands! We do offer some deliveries for larger shares. Supporting our CSA ensures freshness and quality of your locally grown flowers, instead of flowers transported from far distances or wilted flowers bought at the grocery store.

Autumn Flower CSA shares available:


Botanic Bouquet

The Botanic Bouquet share consists of one exquisitely designed bouquet created by our botanical team and presented in a glass vase each week.  


Flower Bin

The Flower Bin share is a special delight for the flower enthusiast who enjoys creating their own arrangements. This share is also great for restaurants that would like to place individual flowers on tables or other key locations. Each week share holders receive a

4 quart bucket stuffed full of loose stems of several varieties of flowers and foliage, perfect for making several small bouquets to share, spread out at home or make one large statement piece for a special occasion.


Our Autumn Flower CSA season runs from September until the end of October.. Members pick up their shares from designated pick up locations.

Contract Info

Once we have received your application we will send you an agreement to sign for the season and to finalize payment

(if not done so).


The CSA application/agreement can be filled out and a scanned copy can be sent to  email or printed and handed to in. We ask that all applications / agreements are submitted to us. Please Click link below to fill out the application form and start the process of securing your Autumn 2019 Flower CSA.


*Full payment for a 4 Week Floral Bouquet Share  is $100 and and full payment for a 4 Week Flower Pale is $200.


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