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Autumn Equinox  Farm to Table Harvest Dinner ::

Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Join us for our season's second Farm to Table dinner at at Five Fridges Farm. As the harvest comes in we would like to invite you to this honoring of our first seasons harvest and programs. The evening's dinner will feature some of the most creative and delicious food prepared by our culinary partners. Our gardens will provide many of the local ingredients sourced for our chefs' original culinary creations. Our featured autumn equinox culinary partners Old Major, Scratch Burrito and Thistle & Mint.

Culinary Connections


With a commitment to our Frontline Farming vision of organic, local produce available to all our communities, our culinary partners stand with us in ensuring we continually focus on our vision and serve our mission. Please visit Old Major, Scratch Burrito and Thistle & Mint. online or in person.

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