Sat, Feb 29 | Majestic View Farm Classroom

The Physics of Relationship: How the Dance of Energy and Entropy Create Richness in Life, Consciousness and Culture

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Feb 29, 2020, 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Majestic View Farm Classroom, 7000 Garrison St, Arvada, CO 80004, USA

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Title: The Physics of Relationship: How the Dance of Energy and Entropy Create Richness in Life, Consciousness and Culture

DescriptionThe Physics of Relationship is a crash course exploring how the laws of thermodynamics lead to the richness, complexity, and dynamicism of life, consciousness and culture. We come to see how principles of physics such as energy, entropy and duality, explained in common-sense terms, govern relationships from the micro to the macro and from the material to the spiritual.  In so doing, we gain insight into questions ranging from why love triumphs over hate, how dust and water transform into you and me, and how a first kiss is like lighting a match. We build a toolbox which will allow us to evaluate and improve the health of relationships, from the relationship we have with ourselves to the relationships of the global industrial complex. In the first section, we lay the groundwork of energy and entropy through the Gibbs Free Energy equation using examples from daily life. We begin to see why this single equation is generally seen as the master equation of all physics. We seek to push the edges of this physics in order to find answers to science's great unanswered questions about the origins of life, consciousness, and human destiny.  In the second section, we explore how fractal patterns form networks based on their thermodynamic properties. We discuss the strengths and shortcomings of each fractal as it applies to biological, psychological, and social systems.   We will have a short break during which folks may help themselves to some simple vegan food Eliot has prepared (others are welcome to bring dishes as well).  The learning goals of this presentation for participants are: Better understand the concepts of entropy and energy and how these forces shape our lives. (Simply put, energy is the stored ability for something to enact change, and entropy is the expansion of possibilities in the universe).   Understand the fractal structures (hierarchies, crystals, spirals and networks) that emerge from complex relational systems and how each can be applied to form more regenerative relationships.  Gain a new appreciation and understanding about how the physical and spiritual worlds are connected and how science and spirituality lead to many of the same conclusions.   Better understand both broken and healthy social systems through comparison to analogous systems in nature.  About the presenter:Eliot Kersgaard is a living systems designer based in Orlando, Florida. Blending many disciplines, his work seeks to to maximize the empathetic and creative potential of humankind through network building, nature connection and play.  

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