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School Gardens

Columbian Elementary

We partnered with Denver Public Schools and Slow Food Denver to create a 6,500-sq. ft. garden and education center on school property. Columbian students, particularly those in the third grade, have cultivated, maintained and harvested the garden which was formerly an abandoned and overgrown space. We offer a weekly garden-based education program for the third graders and host a farm stand with them on Fridays at end of the school day.


Guardian Angels Catholic School

In the summer of 2016 teachers from Guardian Angels School collaborated with the Center for Food Justice and Healthy Communities to rebuild and expand their 10,000-sq.ft. garden  that features a mix of fruit trees, berries, medicinal and culinary herbs, annual, biennial and perennial flowers, and raised beds for annual growing. The Center collaborates on the year-round maintenance of the farm with teachers and families from the school. We have taught modules in class on bees and herbal medicine making as well as led garden-based experiences with students from grades 1-3.

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