We are a community engaged in food production and education along the Front Range. We grow high quality, organic food which supports fair wages for our farmers and is distributed through sales to a network of restaurants and institutional purchasers, sliding scale sales at farm stands and donations to a variety of non-profit partners. We undertake our work in order to honor the land and the community we cultivate. As educators we engage a range of individuals from elders to toddlers in ethical and sustainable growing practices that enhance land and community connections. We have done all of this while helping to build and expand a network of farms and farmers who mutually support one another’s work and vision of agriculture in Denver.



Provide food and food education to people across all income levels.

Front Line Farming operates as a multi-plot farm committed to providing food to people of all income levels by sustainably growing affordable local food in the Denver Metro Area. We engage our communities by educating our youth and neighbors on growing food and promoting healthy, active, lifestyles, beautifying our neighborhoods with edible landscapes, and reducing the distance from farm to plate.